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Originally Posted by snippy View Post
Hi all my son (13) and i (lot older ) are on the look out for a starter hft rifle , budget of 300 quid maximum , have been offered a mint daystate harrier for 275 delivered , have been looking for a aa s200 but they would be a bit small for me but the harrier may be a bit big for my lad have a scope that will do the job for a minute and will get a bottle in time as have use of the club one and have a pump at home
I guess my question is does any one have any info on the harrier ? any good ?
The original Harrier was a cut-rate Huntsman with beech stock and a bead blasted finish. I have one that is 15 years old, still holds air, and shoots like new. It is from a time when Daystate included "value" in its marketing equation.
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