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Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
Yeah Mr MF Fernandez (NF user) has pointed out the real Achilles heel of the Sightron, the turrets move too easily. You can tape them or fit a grub screw or run the turrets loose once zero set, but it's a bit of a nuisance.
After thinking this was going to be a real problem with the Sightrons,I have been pleasantly surprised how the turrets have been ok, I dont tape or run them free, but I rarely use a bag once I start a course unless its raining, as taking them in and out of a case will increase your chances of knocking any scope.
I moved the top turret once when travelling in the car loaded in with three other guns in cases, I've never knocked them on a course. Maybe its my gentle nature!

MF Fernadez!!! Classic!!!........ wait till I see him. I think he's lost the spanish bottom lip beard now though. It did suit the handsome devil though.

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