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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
There has already been a vote at a NEFTA meeting about this. I'm certain that 93 shooters weren't asked for their opinion before that vote was cast.

We get around 140-150 shooters in total for a whole winter league and the vast majority of the regular shooters were at Ponte on Sunday. By regular I mean those who shoot 5 or more rounds.

So with those two things in mind I'd say it was far more democratic since people were actually consulted and asked for their opinion.
Maybe they should have come to the meeting then I was there and it was proposed as an idea and then moved to let's try it, I don't believe it would have been passed without trying it first. That's what's happened and I'm glad they did try it. Now 99% of the people have tried it they are in a better position to say yes or no with some experience. The other 1% can be polled at the club for a full overview.
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