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Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
Suppose a debate is fine for a discussion but the next step in this process of decision making is to put your vote in at club level with NEFTA reps.

People will always have a discussion about a change like this but i do hope that the same amount of people who are debating will be casting their vote to their NEFTA Rep in time for the Jan Meeting
Actually Dave, there is no documented process for how feedback is provided to club reps - in fact there isn't even a requirement in the constitution/bylaws to even ask the opinions of the shooters.

(It was me who re-authored the NEFTA Bylaws and Constitution and published them online when I was NEFTA Sec, so I've read them a few times)

The unwritten process is that a Proposal is made and added to an Agenda which is then made public and club members are given the opportunity to convey their feelings to their club rep.

But this isn't a documented process - so if another process was used, that's just as acceptable under the constitution/bylaws as any other process (as the correct process has never been defined)

It does seem to me, that an opinion poll of shooters taking part in an event is a much better undocumented process than the undocumented process we've used in the past
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