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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
Having started this thread and read everything you have taken the time to post there is one outstanding fact come to light


I think our NEFT committee members got one thing right ... "try it and see" and the one thing that's come out of the Ponty shoot is that we have a lot of mixed opinions.

I know we all turn out on these cold wet and dark Sundays for one reason only "TO SHOOT" so any way we can find to increase the amount of shooting has got to be a good thing all we have to do is get together and come up with a workable solution.

The NEFTA committee was split 50/50 - 3 votes for, 3 votes against
We tried it at Ponte and an opinion poll of shooters in attendance was conducted.

The majority voted NO

It's not a split decision, or a difficult one, it's dead easy - most shooters don't want it.

Why are we even discussing it further?
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