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Excuse me for being cynical.
If a 40 Target 2 per lane course is set up, some of the things that will happen are;

First session will be overloaded.
People will be queuing to book in before 6am.
Any club booking anyone in before they are there will be slated big style (don't know if this still happens but it used to and I have seen it myself, so please, no "i"m offended" replies)
Shoots like Guiseley will be the hardest, because someone walking their dog, won't care if we are losing daylight or not.
Also clearing up after shoot will not be easy in the dark. This is a big issue.

Change is fantastic. But when it's needed.

How many people shoot the winter league who shoot GP.'s?

The winter league is the winter league, it's not a slip road for the GP''s.

I was interested in the GP''s shooting SFT. But at that time, was told that because not many people were entering - SFT class was removed, so I was out of luck.

I would like to get back into FT. My performance was adequate enough to enjoy it.

But changing it to 40 shots, so the GP shooters get more practice - ain't tickling my tater I can tell you.

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but an extra 10 shots on a Sunday in winter - probably will not give anyone a competitive edge.
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