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Originally Posted by TREV RYN View Post
well my opinion is it aint broke so don't try and fix it, as graham said quite a few told me if we go to 40 shot courses they will pick which shoots they will go to, lets be realistic here you cant have so many 40 shot and some 30 shot courses, as some one said yesterday our winter leagues are the hardest in the country, but also its a day out shooting relaxed and enjoyable, I still haven't heard what the benefits are of going to 40 targets.
first session yesterday had 49 shooters in it , on a 30 shot course with 3 feeder lanes we would normally put 54 shooters in, so even with 40 targets 3 to a lane that's only 60 shooters well that's my pennies worth
I voted yes on sunday but after consideration I think the middle shoots are cutting it too fine regarding the light issue, that said, I would rather have more lanes than feeder lanes, your example is the same time wise as shooting a 36 shot course Trev.

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