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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
Just for information here are the sunset times ( in Wakefield) for the shoot at Ponty and the next four shoots.

Ponty 16.20 (8/10 )
Anston 15.59 (22/10)
Emley 15.47 ( 6/11 )
Redfearns 15.58 (3/1 )
Anston 16.19 (16.19 )

So if Ponty was just ok its the next 3 which may cause a problem with pulling courses in when its getting dark, of those 3 I believe Emley and Redfearns leave their course out.

Is a Sunset time of 3.47 too early for a 40 shot course??. IMO the first 2 shoots and last 4 would be fine so as Brian suggested why not look along those lines of have a mix of 30 and 40 shot courses.

I guess the obvious ones would be Emley, Ponte and Redfearns since they can leave their course / silhouettes / pistol targets / rope / string / lane markers etc etc out so packing away isn't an issue.

Since we're doubling up on rounds now that we've lost some clubs you could do one round at Emley at 30 and one at 40 - same for Redfearns / Ponty. It would make the 40 target course something a bit special I guess and make up for the fact that we're shooting the same ground twice in a league.

I did notice for the last couple of lanes at Ponte, it became a bit more overcast and with the sun well on it's way down it was darker than when we started and that's for a course that didn't have any delays.

Then you also have to consider the last shoot of the league where we not only need to bring a course in, we also have to do a presentation to the winners - it's cutting it very fine over the winter if we make it a mandatory 40 targets for every event.

We've got 11 events - we could probably squeeze in three 40 target events in that 11 to please everyone, but I'd also say that out of those extra 10, I'd really like to see some gimme's thrown in. An extra kneeling lane in there and possibly an additional 15mm kill, but then chuck in at least 5 targets below 40 yards.
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