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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
Just for information here are the sunset times ( in Wakefield) for the shoot at Ponty and the next four shoots.

Ponty 16.20 (8/10 )
Anston 15.59 (22/10)
Emley 15.47 ( 6/11 )
Redfearns 15.58 (3/1 )
Anston 16.19 (16.19 )

So if Ponty was just ok its the next 3 which may cause a problem with pulling courses in when its getting dark, of those 3 I believe Emley and Redfearns leave their course out.

Is a Sunset time of 3.47 too early for a 40 shot course??. IMO the first 2 shoots and last 4 would be fine so as Brian suggested why not look along those lines of have a mix of 30 and 40 shot courses.

Hi Pail, I understand your point and largely agree with the principle of a mix of shoot size, but there are two other aspects to consider. Firstly the latitude: sunset is earlier the further north you go. Not that much difference between the clubs mentioned but worth considering the effect if and when the Thorn Dell boys get a new ground. Secondly and a bigger effect is night doesn't fall suddenly like in the tropics, it gradually gets darker and darker as the sun sinks lower. Add that to a dull overcast day and put the shoot in a wood and it's going to be hard to range a lot of targets. I had to mag down to range the majority of targets in tree cover yesterday and that wasn't just towards the end.
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