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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
It was put to the vote at the NEFTA meeting - there was a 50/50 split

The opinions of the shooters at Ponte was polled and the majority said 'no'

Good enough for me.
me too but untill the vote goes through the reps n is brought t the nefta meeting it won't b settled but il bet if it had been a yes vote we would all now be putting 40 shot courses out, when people do vote think about the older shooters who mite have been shooting the W/L years and who would struggle with a 40 shot course, think of the shooters who would have t charge their guns for the last 10 targets due t cylinder capacity would you want the shoot stopped so you could fill up, think of the shooters who may have to pack in due to fading light or the people packing away in darkness will it not spoil their shooting, i could go on with the reasons to vote no but can't really think of good reasons to vote yes that would stand up to scrutinity. im with bri on this we have already said no.
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