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Good arguments made on both sides. It's not a clear cut decision for me but I voted no. Like Brian I just don't think it's workable for all participating clubs during winter.

If all shoots were like Ponte yesterday, which I enjoyed a lot, then yes on balance it would be ok. But Ponte is a best case scenario; they're not all going to be like Ponte. As Brian said in the second session there was only a single very short stoppage. Everything went seamlessly at least for our group; we rarely had to wait any time for the next lane. Even so it was 3pm when we were coming off the course. Worst case, I can see some shoots having to be abandoned in the last few lanes when shooters can't see the targets.

I do think however there is merit in considering a mix of 30 and 40 shot courses, appropriate to forecast, sunset times and club capacity, or even as suggested a different number.
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