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dont shoot me! pardon the pun but how about a compromise of 35 targets?
we shoot 30 in our club competitions and on a nice day you would always like to shoot more but when its miserable my guess is 30 is plenty for most?
Midlands W/L as you know is 40 targets and thats all ive ever known and i guess it also helps the organisers get more people into the AM sessions which are always fully subscribed.
As for the step up to a 50 shot GP i can see that point as well but i really think we will always have a hardcore who will shoot as many as they can in any weather and those who will take a look at the forecast and wouldnt travel even if the course was 20?
Its only my opinion but im not sure 10 extra targets will help the lower grades unless those 10 extra targets are achievable for them (sub 45 yards?) in which case they become (weather permitting) a bit of a gimme for the top guns?
I do agree that the lower grades are where the sports future lays, they are often also hardcore given they've more recently been bitten by the FT bug. In my early days like most i would have shot dawn to dusk in any weather.
It would seem that this thread has now divided into two totally separate areas, attracting and keeping new blood and the effect that increasing a course by 10 targets will have in the winter. Both different subjects that require different solutions in my opinion. So maybe the 35 targets is the answer?
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