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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I don't think there has to be a problem Bri, it was suggested that we try 40 targets and that's what we've done, you can't really make a call until you try something. Personally I don't think one shoot is enough but at least it Ponty had a go.

I think the actual argument we are looking for is this: How do we get more people involved and help the lower grades. That's the future right?

I believe that doing 40 targets will do this because from my experience as a low grade shooter is it has helped me massively. As I've said, a bad start or touch of nerves at the start of a NEFTA shoot and it's over for you, the amount of times when I first started that I was embarrassed about score was proper painful but I'm not the kind of person to give in.

I know 40 targets creates real world problems with weather and light but they can be over come with everyone helping. 40 targets gives you a chance to have something for everyone because I think you only need 5-7% of the targets to divide the top boys.

You won't be surprised to learn that I've got a chart for all my shoots, the difference between 30 and 40 targets is 9%, almost a grade. Why? Because I have more time to dig in and rescue a bad start plus I'm always more settled as I get half way around because I know there's more to go at. But yeah, I'm not everyone.

I've got nothing against what Steve said, all opinions welcome I say but if you're not going to try it, well. I'm the kind of nutcase that turns up regardless of the weather. I shot Harriers in 27mph wind with sleet hitting me in the face at the worst angle possible but I didn't walk off for two reasons: It was the only chance I'd get to possibly beat Jack Harris (he beat me by 2) and I need as much experience as possible because at the end of the day all I want to do is actually get better. 40 has helped me to do that.
In a perfect world I'd agree with you, that 40 instead of 30 'could' help the lower grades.. but this is where the world isn't perfect. You're basing your percentages on the 40 targets in the MFTA league and assuming that the only difference between the NEFTA wl and the MFTA wl is the number of targets.

It's not though, sadly some of the course setters in NEFTA don't seem to understand the concept of a balanced course and I fear that what you'll end up with is 40 targets where hardly any full kills are below 40 yards. If that's the case then you're more likely to drive new shooters away than encourage them.

I enjoyed shooting the Ponte40 but it didn't escape my notice that considering we had an extra 10 targets, there weren't more gimme's thrown in.

When you look at the stats for C grade (the grade you used to concentrate your stats on before you made B grade ) half shot above average at Ponte40 and half shot worse - so not really conclusive.

Young Katie put in her worst score of the season so far on at Ponte knocking over less targets than she has in previous 30 target courses despite there being an extra 10 of them to have a go at.

The wind was very strong on Saturday when the course was being finalized and as a result I'm told that they pulled some of the targets in closer to take account of the wind.

So my worry is that given 40 targets to play with the tendency will be for clubs to just put out another 10 GP difficulty targets to further challenge the AA grades but do nothing for the lower grades other than discourage them.

You said yourself that the NEFTA courses are harder than the MFTA courses on the whole and the reason for that is that the MFTA have got the balance about right for setting out a course for everyone (not just the AA's)

Perhaps we need to adopt some course setting guidelines? The distance range for 40mm kills is 10 yards to 55 yards - why do we only seem to set courses where the limit is 40-55 yards for full kills with a very occasional sub 40 yarder thrown in for good measure?

All of that doesn't get away from the difficulty of reduced daylight and having to set targets out and pack them away in time though. I simply don't think that 40 targets is going to be workable for every club in the region.
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