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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
93 regulars showed up, I think that's a fair representation of the Winter League shooters. The fact that Steve didn't turn up because he was put off by the weather in combination with the extra time it took to shoot 40 targets is also a good example of the proposed format putting some shooters off.

Steve has shot the NEFTA Winter league for many years and is a seasoned shooter - one that we should be encouraging back into the fold.

I'm still not sure what problem is it that we're trying to fix here? The NEFTA winter league is the best attended FT winter league in the World! - so perhaps we've got something right in the past 30 years?

This was put to a vote at the NEFTA meeting and the result was 3 clubs in favour, 3 clubs against - and so it was minuted that a trial would be run at Ponte, after which the opinions of the shooters would be sought on whether the league should become a 40 shot league.

For me personally, 40 targets would be better practice for shooting the GP's - it's a big jump from 30 to 50 targets in terms of the length of time you need to stay focused and going to 40 over the winter would help me.

But.... it's not all about me!

We have 11 winter league rounds and only 7 clubs taking part (I remember when we had 10 clubs taking part).
4 of those 7 can't leave a course out overnight so extra setting up time and extra taking down time coupled with extra time shooting is going to be a problem for them.

Again, I'm still not sure what problem we're trying to find a solution for, but if the solution to this problem whatever it might be is that we need 40 targets, then you could potentially make the league a 30 or 40 shot league. So some clubs could put on a 40 target course and some could put on a 30 target course - and those could be decided at the NEFTA meeting that allocates the events for the coming W/L. When there's more daylight hours and the round is hosted by a club that can leave the course out, you could maybe squeeze in a 40 target course and for the others leave it at 30.

Trial that for a season and if we see numbers going down at those 40 target courses re-think things.

That would also have the added benefit of making it easier for new clubs to join in on the league as well. Given the choice of more targets or more grounds, I'd go for more grounds without a second thought.

But... I'm still not sure what problem we're trying to solve? Can anyone enlighten me?

I have had this thought going around my grey cell also Brian, I would go with that.

Just to throw another thought out, why does it have to be 30 or 40, could we have 34 or 36, it would have no effect on the scoring system and you could also balance the discipline lanes out.

BTW Brian, No there is no problem, 30 shots works fine, I did vote yes, but after reading this thread my fears of clubs packing away courses in the dark is a concern.

Last but not leased, great work Ponty on the course, really enjoyed the day.

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