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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
It's a good point Tyke but the best thing to do is actually show up and do one first tho, it's also probably best not make a decision on fair weather shooters either don't you think?
I shot the Paul James memorial recoiling comp in the spring. 40 targets in the rain and when it came to the point half way through I like others could have just walked of the course but we stayed even though our hearts wernt in it. I've also shot the winter league for years in all winter conditions and its that experience that tells me 40 shots is to much. At the end of the day I shoot to enjoy myself and standing around waiting to shoot 40 targets in the middle of winter just aint going to do it for me.
Not quit sure where I made a decision about fair weather shooters though especially as I maybe deemed one by not attending Ponte?

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