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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I was a 100% no before the shoot but thought it went quite well.

I think Sunday wasn't a true reflection as i reckon the percentage of no's would have increased had it been mid december, ******* it down and minus 10 in the windchill. Not really sure why we are thinking of changing the format to suit a very tiny minority. I for one don' t give a flying shite what the mids lot do...
Wotcha Chris, it's not really a reductive argument of "them and us", my point was to show the difference it makes to B and C grade shooters it makes a massive difference, aren't these guys the future of the sport? I can back that up with numbers both in grade difference and people going up. I'm a massive fan of supporting the lower grades and I think this gives them a better chance.

You are right about it going dark and being cold tho but if we all chip in it could work, all the people moaning about the cold tho nearly always show up to the shoot 2-3hrs early, if they are that worried about it then why aren't they still in bed?

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