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Default 30 or 40

Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Thanks to Ponty for having a go, properly enjoyed it even tho the wind had me over.

I'm a big fan of 40 targets simply because it helps people in lower grades pull back from a bad start, with 30 targets it's pretty much over for you if you have a bad start. Plus it would be nice to get a bit of movement into the NEFTA grades, we often have more people going down than up when compared to say MFTA, not really a move that supports a future of the sport!

So, 40, YES.
I would like to point out that after 30 shots I'd scored 20 (about my average) with the last 10 shots I managed to raise my score to 29 that's an improvement of 66% to 75% Like most I don't shoot standers too well (1 out of 4) but as 2 extra Kneeing shots (I shoot all stand/kneel)gave me a much better chance.

As to my point about going from 3 per lane to 2 per lane can I ask how many shooter were on the second session (it looked very thin on the ground to me) and how much longer did the shoot take.

I think we need to take a much closer look at all the options before a division is made.

And as for the "if it works don't fix it" if we took that attitude we would all be using bows and arrows and traveling to shoots on horse back.

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