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I thought that today's unofficial opinion poll should give all club reps a very strong indication on the feelings of the shooters they represent.

I'm sure we could provide a breakdown to each club rep of how their club members voted in the unofficial poll to help them to represent those views at the next AGM/EGM of the committee.

Since this decision only affects those shooters who take part in the Winter League (about 10% of the membership of NEFTA Clubs) I thought this poll was a very democratic and pertinent method to gauge the general feeling of those the decision directly affects.

To add some balance to this thread, I'll add some of my thoughts on the subject.

I was initially in favour of the idea, the main benefit being to allow more shooters to take part in our Winter League events, but I have some concerns.

The main concern being that I think there is a serious danger that the Winter League will move even further away from one of its main intended purposes, and that is to encourage new shooters ( the other 90% of the membership ) to try their hand at competition shooting.

My concern is that some NEFTA clubs will lose sight of the main aim of the Winter League and use the opportunity to add an additional 10 GP difficulty targets to a course instead of adding 10 targets to encourage new shooters to the sport.

My other concern is the length of time it takes to shoot 40 targets.

For NEFTA rounds that are oversubscribed and require feeder lanes, there is a good chance that 40 targets may actually help to speed things along as Steve pointed out in the original post.

However the majority of league events aren't oversubscribed, and in those cases, clearly shooting 40 targets is going to take longer than shooting 30 targets.

If the intention is to try to limit lanes to 2 shooters in order to speed up 40 target courses, the sums don't add up, since the intention is to allow more to take part in oversubscribed events, 20 lanes times 2 shooters is just 40 shooters, whereas 15 lanes times 3 shooters is 45 shooters.

Although it might be true that 20 lanes with 2 shooters per lane might not take much longer than 15 lanes with 3 shooters per lane, it obviously cannot be true that 3 shooters per lane on a 20 lane course takes less time than 3 shooters per lane on a 15 lane course.

To summarize - I believe it will take longer to shoot the course for the majority of league events, it will increase the workload of the hosting club and ultimately it will detract from one of the core aims of the Winter League (encouraging new shooters to take part).

Needless to say, I was one of the majority NO votes in today's impromptu poll of shooters
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