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Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
As with any decisions if the club as a whole instructs its rep to vote no.. then that's how the rep votes at the meeting.. If majority of clubs vote no then it will stay at 30 shots. end of story.. At the outset the original vote to move to 40 was tied as no firm decisions could be made based on some clubs not been sure about capacity and how it would work. It was suggested to trial it and get some feed back and then take the vote again to put it to bed. So no twists this is the procedure to follow.
and if the vote had gone the other way? il bet a pound t a pinch o dog poo we would be having 40 shots for rest of the season, the winter league to me has always been relaxed n friendly a kind of an introduction to FT, i rekon the courses have got harder in the last 8 or 9 years n for the better but if im having a growler am wet through freezing n the light is fading n ive got an extra 10 shots to do it will defo take allot of the enjoyment out of it for me, most of the shooters i spoke to tday thought this way but not all i admit. and what about the shooters who's guns will need a charge of air for the extra 10 shots, at the end of the day by the looks of the piles of cards on't table it was an overwhelming no vote and should stand.
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