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Default All with a bit of humour

Where to start?

with a breath of fresh air!

we have had a big influx of members at Tondu this year, some have been hard work and not really suited to ft, but we also have come across some real gems.
none more so than than these fine men

Ah, sorry about that, these fine men

Top workers Lucia, Nick and James. as a club you could not ask for better members. That's not just me saying that, everyone I have talked to at tondu has said the same, so I start with the best.

Yes you right, in that case, I should have photo shopped that other bloke out lol!
Only joking Jack, your a Ft God and as such an inspiration to youngsters, keep up the good work.

Now onto the best Welsh Ft shooter on current form (well last 7 days)

I have hero's in the sport, Doz is one and as you can see, I have been practising my Cheezzzzy Doz Grin

Here it is with gun

and with out, where I look like I have lost weight

Here I am looking AWESIME

Russ, my shooting partner for today and who probably needs a March?

Hero no 1

That's it Doz, give him a good talking to!

I did turn up and help yesterday says ryan, I never saw you said Dave!

I`ll get the digger in for next year, top effort and the first of many I hope

Apprentice no 5 (ish) lines up snappy

Apprentice 5 B, may need a bit of extra work, but still is going to be top of the pile

34 in ungraded c, wafta needs to follow Bfta guidelines for new shooter?

Top shooting, keep it up

Corbbet goes to pull the string, then remembers there is no need!

Landy will soon be taking wild boar, not with the red ripper though

Action from Betty, Stock from Ex Ft god, results not quite in that league today but looking good

Return to the Ev2 / Leup Combo was not as good as could have been hoped for today, but its upwards from here, but need to check them close clicks first

Rich B needs to keep quiet a bit more, still could have been worse, an old fat shooter and an old older shooter were all that avoided gadgets list today

I`ll be back

You don't take enough photos of me said Chubby, well can you blame me, you keep doing daft things like 1 handed standers!

I dought there is much I could teach Rosier about chips or cracks, but splits is another thing!

We are TONDU, you will be assimilated

BFTA Grading Question to

Updated Bfta % by region and grade,44.0.html

[B] [SIZE="3"]Photos on BFTA Fbook page, tall and short !!
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