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A grade and staying there
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Default Wafta 2015/16 winter, rd 3 @ Tondu

The weather held off for us and although it was dark and gloomy at times, all stayed dry. Only thing missing was the wind again!
Good effort gadget, I think most enjoyed?

AA (Wafta grades)

Awesime (Never shot this course before ) 37
Gadget (Shoots it every week) 37
Beaguie ( Copied Gadgets work) 37
Little Jack (No Medal !) 36
Doz ( Fake tan!) 34
Gary Powell 31
Chris Keyworth 31
Russ Summers 30
Jacks Dad 29
Nigel Hayman 28
Peter Jacob (Partial Card) 23

A Grade

Big Dave 33
Gareth James 33
Steve Rosier 32
chubby 30
Mark Shepperd 30
Corbett 30
James Head 30
Cochise 29
John J 29
Ryan H 28
Dave gage 25
John Parry 24

B grade

Shunter 30
Paul Maher 30
Derk 30
Gary Williams 28
Dan Horricks 27
Jacky J (Partial Card) 19
Mark rees 15

Ungraded & C graded

Anthony Jones 34
James Gouch 19


Julian Head (Springer) 29
Chris Land 27
Anneettee James 26
Orion 2

Decent entry for wafta in the forecast rain
Fair play to Orion for having a go, wheelchair bound he gave it a go.
Top shooting from Tondu's long range member Julian, 29 with a .20 sringer
Tight in all the other grades.
BFTA Grading Question to

Updated Bfta % by region and grade,44.0.html

[B] [SIZE="3"]Photos on BFTA Fbook page, tall and short !!
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