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Positionals are limited to 30 yards here by our guidelines,.......and as it turned out all were within or real close to that. Reducers were not anywhere near as bad in reality to what people thought they were! LOL. We allow 20mm minimum out to 30 yards. BUT there were some 22.5mm reducers used out to 40 yards freestyle. Combining them with the wind that came up and the shade from trees made the difficulty factor greater, and was something not encountered by some before.

I had to warn them in advance that there would be 'some' reducers, and to expect the unexpected. At the end of the day all shooters who shot the course came away the better for it.

As for the jackets, it varies. Some of us get by fine, and some others struggle in the heat. Both days I did not take mine off at all, breaking into a sweat on the last lane of the day. Other were slipping the jacket off and on between lanes. Temps were up over 30 deg C both days. There was plenty of drinking water available.

After SA conditions it was a walk in the park......I think everyone that shot there came away the better for it in the long run.

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