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Default 1 whistle at 11 am, two at 11.01 am

Weather looks ok for Sunday, least it will not be raining from 11 till 3pm so enough time to get the shoot done.
Kick off is still 9am (8.45am ish briefing) for those that want to take on the damp and have clean kills.

Course is out and although its based largely on our (old) practice course, it is different enough to make it interesting for all.
standers for all grades, 1 x AA range, 1 x A, 1 x B and 1 x C grade stander.
Three good kneelers and a gimmie
About 6 reducer, mixed ranges including snappy in the pond. Couple of 15mm for click checking, Gadget likes mini kills or so he says!
Some good long range ones that should, in the forecast 16 -21mph wind be a good test, some flat, some downhill, some inclined (booo)
Enough "gimmies" in there for all.
Targets are a mix of black, white and yellow plates, no black plates in dark lanes!

Hope those that attend enjoy, if you do please thank gadget, if you don't throw something at him

Thanks to all that have helped today and Tuesday getting the course ready and out, great effort today resulted in the work being done by 12.30am.
Denz, Gary, Martin, Peter, Awesime, Gadget, Dave, John, cochice, Nick & Boys, Debs and Orion. Top crew.

I predict top score of 35.

BFTA Grading Question to

Updated Bfta % by region and grade,44.0.html

[B] [SIZE="3"]Photos on BFTA Fbook page, tall and short !!
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