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As everyone will tell you each gun is different, mine seems to like 4.51 JSB Exacts or in windy conditions I sometimes use 4.51 JSB Exact Heavies.
It is possible to get a Test Diablo box from JSB which has fifty of seven different specifications of their pellets to trial through your gun.

4.50 Exact 8.44gr
4.51 Exact 8.44gr
4.52 Exact 8.44gr
4.52 Exact RS 7.33gr
4.52 Exact Monster 13.43gr
4.52 Exact Express 7.87gr
4.52 Excat Heavy 10.34gr

Once you have decided on which pellet you can then decide whether to wash, wash and lube, weigh, size. and then you can start all over again from the beginning

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