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Originally Posted by Sake-San View Post
IMHO it will be too big and heavy for a twelve year old to master. Much more sensible to go with a smaller & lighter model to get him started, some very good prices available ex Europe (delivery no problem) with the current exchange rate.
HW30S = stock sized for a smaller person, lightweight, super trigger etc. Euro 159.00 new from Holland.
Will dig a little deeper as to exactly why they're convinced the 97 is the one (as above, the AA TX200 and AA Prosport, were also in the running).

Whilst I haven't met the young un yet, and everyone who has says he's big for his age (height and frame) - the consensus here seems to be that its very unlikely to suit unless he's the size of a teenager a few years older.

I completely understand that, as the size difference in Dylan (my son) at 12, to his size now at 14, almost 15, can be measured in feet. Dylan can shoot freestanding very competently with full size guns now (Steyr LG100 with laminate 3 piece for example; which is a good weight IMO especially when compared to my Walther Hunter), whereas at 12, even the length of pull on a standard MKII AA S200 was still a little too big.

Cant believe I overlooked suggesting they consider ordering from Europe, as Ive been looking at the PCP prices quite a bit lately - my heads in the shed, honestly

Note : PCP is not an option for them.
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