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Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post
I'd say the difference is actually understated, as a serviced standard 25mm shoots nicer than a 26mm vglide.
Less recoil, less hold sensitivity.
Was it 100% standard factory spring, seal etc? Unless you've sampled several of each, what you're saying is one particular standard serviced 25mm you tried shot "nicer" (subjective) than one particular v-glided 26mm example you tried. Which, yes, I can believe as every rifle is different. However to extrapolate that to all examples is a stretch.

Conversely I own a 25mm HW77K from 1987, Lazaglided by Pope and Hancock's own fair hands. This has the 16 inch K barrel that is reckoned by Bigtoe et al to be the optimum length in .177. I also have a 26mm 97K with a V-Mach kit I put in myself...q bit of a degrease but I didn't even bother with a polish and deburr. Now the 77K is lovely to shoot and it does feel nicer (subjective), but the 97K is nearly as nice, less hold sensitive, and just knocks more targets over.

I have to say, in 30 years of shooting airguns the single least hold sensitive springer I've ever shot is my bog standard LGU which I've never even got round to stripping to remove the excess grease!

Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post
23mm is the next step, you can shoot them almost like a pcp if using a heavy stock.
You can shoot anything like that with enough weight in the stock.
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