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Default HW97 for 12 year old

Good afternoon all

A work colleagues is looking to purchase a 2nd hand HW97 in .177 for his 12 year old son (he's had a play with MK1 and MK2 versions of the AA TX200 MK1, as well as an AA Prosport, but prefers the 97).

Gun will initially be used for plinking, but I strongly suspect he will move to target shooting at some point as he's quite a competitive young man (he's well into archery, good at it too)

I know diddly squat about boingers (other than they give you a nice black eye if you place your eye too close to the scope ..... yip, I did that .. around 20 years ago [with a BSA Meteor] ... no excuse for being so dim either, as I was around 20 at the time )), so I am hoping you can help me point them in the right direction ...
  1. Should they look for a second-hand MK1 or MK2 ?
  2. How much - should they be looking to pay 2nd hand (2 thirds of new price if immaculate) ?
  3. What if it has a V-Mach (or other) kit fitted - how much then ?
  4. Are their any common faults to look for and/or things which suggest it would be best to walk away and look for another ?
I am sure there are numerous other things to take into consideration ...

All help/advice will be gratefully appreciated


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