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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
I normally stay clear of grades type discussions, but I genuinely don't understand people who are not striving to get into and stay in AA.

Back in my motor racing days I became aware of a guy who was running a 1700cc car in a 1600cc class, just to win a few cheap plastic cups, what a pathetic individual, and yes, I did tell him that to his face.

It has taken me a little while to start putting in the kind of scores I wanted and thought I was capable of, along the way I have had some pretty poor days, some of my own making and some due to equipment, this means my desperate attempt to stay in A has failed, but I will do my best to get back there if and when I can.

If B grade is the best I can do, so be it, but I won't be happy unless I am putting in the best scores I am capable of on any given day. And I don't care how the grades are worked out, it is the same for all of us, so really is just a relative measure of results.

But it would never occur to me to deliberately put in low scores, I mean, what is the point? The whole point of FT to me is to overcome the challenge the course setter has put out for me. If I do that to my own satisfaction, I win, if I do it better than everyone else in my class I win win.

If I deliberately dink a target or two, I am a cheat.

If I think that is 'fair game' then I am in need of psycho analysis.

Hope you are well?

Re staying in A - you're doing it wrong - you could always try my method - turn up to a few shoots within reasonable reach, not all of course. Turn to in some awful weather, and so fill your scope up with water, fall flat on your back and watch your pride and joy sink in the mud, so not be able to put in a valid score! Ultimately you stay in the group you were first allocated as a newbie - A! Simplesss!
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