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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
To be fair even such a knowledgeable and well respected journalist (and before anybody says anything I am being sincere there) as Jim Tyler can have views of HFT based on ill informed prejudice.

Jim made similar comments regarding the supposed 'arms races' in HFT regularly enough to make it apparent to me that he considered the use of FT guns not to be good for HFT.

Just wished I could have got him to come and shoot a UKAHFT comp just for fun. I think he'd have changed his mind about it.

It kind of shows the type of folk that come out with statements such as those in the e-mail published in Airgunner...Someone that doesn't shoot HFT and because of that doesn't fully understand it and is also a traditionalist (old fart that needs to get with the times ) I'd respect someones views more if they had actually participated in the sport before forming a judgement.

Having shot "Hunter" style shoots for a long time now, almost 17yrs, I've seen many parts of what we now regard as modern HFT form and the outrage of those that rarely, if ever, take part themselves. During the transitional period where PCPs where becoming more affordable and commonplace in the shooting arena they where seen as the tools of trophy hunters and those that couldn't shoot a "real" gun,.177 was a girly calibre, anything bar a standing shot was considered unsporting, mildot scopes where cheating, laying down was for poofs and god forbid should a kill be reduced or you have a peg to grip!!! The FT guns in HFT is just another one to add to the list. I suppose its all a part of the evolution of the sport and human nature.
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