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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
The trouble is dave, artificially low is far easier to achieve with just Bfta grades and at national level and that will cause concern.
The system works best with frequent updates, ie every time the shooter shoots in a comp.

no one (e.g in Nefta ) will care if I (example) am in B grade in wafta and AA in Bfta, but if I were C grade in Bfta and AA in Wafta, there would be many many pages !
Just think back 3 years, its the only reason I took the post on!

Believe me, from what I have in front of me and after 4 years there will be more than a few in the "wrong" grade.
Simple test Si.

What's your grade from say last 5 SWEFTA shoots?

What's your grade from last 5 BFTA shoots?
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