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Originally Posted by Iggyr7 View Post
Recently started using Illuminated Ret for HFT... On Sunday , put my scope to my eye on my 11th target and battery on IR had died ...Dilemma !!! Do I continue to shoot the course and get disqualified for not shooting all targets on same scope setting , or change battery and get disqualified for fiddling with scope during the course ...My opinion would be to change battery under scrutiny of your shooting partner ( or marshal ) and thus completing all 30 targets on your original setting IR on ...What is your opinion , and more to the point , what is the ruling ....

If you are shooting a UKAHFT comp then you should be noting your illumination level on your card, if your battery fails then just point this out to your shooting partner, you would then be allowed to change the battery as long a you reset the illumination to the same level as specified on your card.
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