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Originally Posted by custard1 View Post
Mate your full of bull lol I sold you the gun a year ago and You think you know all about them when you took apart the regulator and didn't know how to put it back together lol, I still to this day don't know why you did that as i pulled 77 in with that rifle as it was. The action is not made out of high quality ally at all as it's made out of cast ally in which is commonly known as pot metal. This gun was one of the best high scoring guns I have ever had and it was best left alone so all you guys thinking of modding I wouldn't bother as they are extremely accurate as they are in the right hands, isn't that correct Mr Mike?
Here you go again Si, opening your mouth without knowing what your talking about!

Instead of casting aspersions why don't you ask me first, and I will happily explain why and where you are wrong, I'm at the club most weekends.

The reg was striped apart because it was leaking and just to correct you....yes I do know how to put it all back together. The reason Vince worked on the reg was the fact that I couldn't get the power up over 10.5fps, trying to set up a double reg without a reg checker is hard work, It was Vince that decided it would be easier to set it up and run a single reg.....mind you you can always ask him yourself

Even after Vince had worked on it several time the reg still failed and I have now fitted a new one, which in hindsight I should have done in the first place, saving me a lot of time and effort.

As to you ill information comments about the quality of the family have been involved in the metal work industry since my grandad's time. who was a Master Boiler maker for the Ship builder "Harland & Wolf", my Uncle set up "Seagrave Metal Works" over 50yrs ago where I worked for several years and learned all about the different in the quality of Aluminium. As not only can I weld with Stick and Mig but also I can Tig weld too and this is what we would use on Ally.

But if you don't believe me then I will be more than happy to give you the name and number of the guy who milled of the shroud for me, ( not that I wanted it done but because YOU decided to cut the end off that contained the thread for the silencer rendering the shroud as useless)
and I'm sure that with his vast experience of many, many years of milling and lathe work, knows a thing or two about the different qualities of metals.

There are different qualities of castings, Si!

We all know how impressed Liam was after you butchered what was originally his rifle from new, and having that very poor black spray job done on the shroud, again another reason why I had to do so much work on the AR20.

By the way Si, as you were scoring so well and calmed it was a keeper why were you so eager to get rid of it?? As you do with all your rifles.

I have never calmed to be a good shooter Si, and everyone at the club knows that you are very good especially as you stared at about 12hrs old, it's just a shame that you feel that you need to try and ridicule others.

With respect Si, I have always been friendly, approachable and more than willing to help, but please if you wish to try and make me look stupid on an open forum at least have decency to treat me with some form of respect as I do you.

By the way Si, I get email notifications of who and what is posted on our (mvac) FB page, even after they have deleted their post!

Steyr Hunter HFT/ HW 100 barrel + s111 & SS buttplate. HW100Kt+ SWFA ss 10x42......Shooting HFT for MVAC.

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