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This was the last SWEFTA League shoot today and the SWEFTA 2015 Champion would be decided between Simon Evans and Steve Franklin. Both shooters have shot really well throughout the year and both have put in some top class scores.

With 8 out of a total of 11 league scores to count for the SWEFTA Championship, it really was too close to call.

Steve already had 8 scores in the bag giving him a total before today’s shoot of 769.24 points, but he was hoping to drop a low score of 86.49 and hopefully replace it with something a little higher today.

Where-as Simon needed one more score to complete his eight and his current point tally was 678.44.

So it was all down to this last shoot. I have done the calculations, and I believe it basically comes down to just one target needed to separate them!

If Simon beats Steve by TWO targets or more then he takes the title but if Steve beats him or can stay with 1 target of Simon's score today, then he will be the champion.

How close is that after a full seasons shooting!!

The top scores today:-
Simon Evans 39 = 100%
Steve Franklin 38 = 97.43%
So if my calculations are correct and it’s purely UNOFFICIAL at this stage:-
Steve 769.24 (-86.49) + 97.43 = 780.18 Total points
Simon 678.44 + 100 = 778.44

What a close contest, well done to both EXCELLENT SHOOTING and it is only 1.74% that seperates them.

The official results will be posted ASAP, once the competition secretary has checked them!

The other top score today were
Jack Harris 39 (visitor)
Richard Beaugie 37

Thanks to ALL that attended today and special thanks also to all the visitors from wales who made the trip over to support us.

It was lovely to see Daz and Mike W, sorry I did not get more time for a chat with both of you but what with shooting and marshalling the day just flew by. Hopefully, will see you both at the Trophy shoot
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