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Default Lads why not get in touch with me

Please ,please please if there is something you want to ask about or want explaining why dont YOU get in touch with me instead of putting it on a forum .
NOW this is what I;ve been told by FT shooters of some repute who we all respect and I value their advice, they have gone through Germany to shoot in Europe with their 12lbs guns and they were required to purchace a licence which they to;d me was 30 approx so that is what I have costed for if you look at my first post.
What I did then was ring the German embassy in London who gave me an email address in Germany who would answer all my questions on air-rifle travel through Germany .
I sent a email to Germany and asked the question ,do we require a licence to pass through Germany to go to Poland for a European Championship in September 2016 and was told that yes we did and the cost was approx 35 Euro;s to be paid at the entry into Germany ,so I thought it was something to look into maybe in the new year on how it was best and a easy way to do this which I was going to do .
BUT after Tench;s revelations I again will try the German Embassy or direct to Germany and ask about this 1 and a half Euro cost which sounds fantastic and I hope he;s right because I put the cost down to 30.00.

BUT PLEASE if there is anything else you want to know or something that will cut the cost please get in touch we want the best deal for everyone ,I;ve been working on this for 8 months with our friends in Poland and the Czech Republic it will be a success for everyone and I agree lets all pool our skills and make it a success.
By the way I won at GOLF today its much easier that shooting.
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