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Simon reading your link, it mentions an invitation. When I went to Italy and The States part of the paperwork (very easy not dfficult) was the issue by the hosts of an invite to compete in their country to me/competitors. I presume this is to prove a genuine reason to attend their country with a firearm. As we will not be competing in Germany how do we acquire that invitation. I appreciate the plan is merely to drive through but will the German authorities allow that, as as Greg rightly states our rifles exceed their 6ft/lb limit. My understanding is that a European Firearms pass is a great instrument that allows you to pass through European borders with ease. So if I want to take my FAC its easy but my 12ft/lb not so as I cant get the pass for it. Again this is not a major problem as a quick email to BSA or whoever should get you a letter explaining that your rifle was made under 12ft/lb and therefore under English law is not subject to, doesn't require certification. I will be interested to hear how the driving through Germany can be achieved as I know of a few people a couple of years ago who were going to Czech but bottled it and ended up flying because they didn't fancy the risk of driving through Germany. Of course there is always the chance you don't get searched, mmmmmmmmmmm.

So the answer to merely drving through Germany en route to another country where your sanctioned competition is, with a 12ft/lb air rifle, whilst meeting the German authorities legal requirements, is?

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