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Originally Posted by scruff View Post
brian...having read some of the earlier posts...the checker will have to test at the 6 oclock position to make sure the target falls over....will there be some sort of instruction for the marshal checks in the right place every time...a hit at 6 oclock should make the target fall at 55 yards every time.
Yup there certainly will - more than just instructions though, there will be a training course, WFTF Marshal certification and a private marshals only section of the WFTF Website so that certified WFTF Marshals all around the world will be kept upto speed on the latest changes in rules and guidelines.

Only certified WFTF Marshals will be allowed to test targets, and we'll make sure they know what they're doing.

That's not just Portugal, that's all World Championships in the future (for at least 3 years anyway)

For people making one for themselves to try out in their own local competitions etc, there will be instructions/a video on how to use one on the WFTF Website as well.
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