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Grego Hensman
Dave Smith
David Nicholls
Pete Richmond
Kathy Thompson
Mark Thompson
Kev Gaunt
Rob Bates
Jo Thorpe
Andy Dickson
Chris Pantling
Sarah Pantling
Jacob Pantling
Ewan Pantling
Ethan Pantling
Jason Ellis
Jess Ellis
Clive Evans
Gary Chillingworth of Transalvania
Jean Greatrex (The Mummy)
Geoff Ryder -Frankensteins stunt double.
Miguel Fernandez
Nigel Howard
Gary King
dan Sullivan

Elliott Reed
Simon Frearson
Tim Frearson
Will English
Robbie English
Thomas English
Alex "Ghoulish" Larkin
Bob Clay
Steve Whiting

cant make it now, cars gone belly up
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