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Originally Posted by mr dink View Post
Well done Brian great idea i must say i didn,t know how much effect a leaning target would have on it falling over,i can see more targets getting called but in a major comp were the top are split by the odd target its a step in the right direction.
Actually it's funny you should say that because I discovered something unexpected when I was trying to set up the test for that video.

In the video the target was angled down quite steeply (it probably was about 30 degrees but it looks like a lot more in a few scenes in the video). I was surprised at how steeply I needed to set the target for the test, I figured it would be about 10 degrees.

What I found though was if I set the angle to be quite shallow - about 10 degrees, sometimes the pistol would knock the target down and sometimes it wouldn't. When I tested with the plunger, I got the same results, sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn't. The difference was that I figured out when the plunger would and wouldn't take the target down and it was because of where on the paddle the plunger struck. If I hit it in the centre or at the top the target would go down, if I hit it at the bottom it wouldn't.

I guess it must have been the same with the pistol, the difference being, I'm crap with a pistol and was just glad to get the pellet somewhere in the 40mm kill (usually at the bottom of the paddle to be honest because I had to hold over quite a bit for those shots and I didn't know how much I needed to hold over).

Anyway.. for the purposes of making a video to show that the plunger worked when it should work and failed when it should fail, I didn't think it was a good idea to include a section where it only worked some of the time (still exactly the same result as the pistol, but much much harder to figure out how to prove that on video).

So..... If you have an out of the box Gamo/BSA target and you don't set it up on the level - I think there's a good chance that sometimes it'll fail and usually when you don't hit the top of the paddle. Makes sense really I guess, I just wasn't expecting the device to be that accurate, it turns out it's more reliable than testing a target with a pistol, or at least it seems that way at this stage of testing. I guess the UKAHFT marshals who have been using Pete's checker for a while will already know that though.
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