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If you buy the LED that has the 3 output levels - low med & high and you open the beam to full, it will easily handle these ranges.

The T20 would be the better option for the distances you mention as the T50 with the turbo pill is good for hundreds of yards but the 50 will go down easily to the distances you mention and indeed, the bag of 50 was certainly between 20 and 40 yds out.

The 3 powers are can either go high output then open the beam out to the width and range you want it to reach or go low and tighten. If neither hot the right balance then the medium output and a beam tweak should get you to where you want to be.

A lot will also depend on the ability of your scope - I bought a rifle with a Nikko Stirling scope on it and it was crap. I have an MTC Mamba and it was fine...
I would consider buying 2 x T20's if your close range and go red or green in one and a floody white in the other for a good picker up.

I have a thrower whit in mind and it will hit 100 yds without problem but the LED footprint is quite large. The slight downside is that the lens has lots of rings round it when on full flood which is not the case with the floody LED IIRC. Depends on your uses really

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