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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Yup, some method of calibrating the device is definitely something that needs to be developed.

Using a device to calibrate the kinetic energy is not the correct way to go though.

The reason for that is to do with Momentum Impulse theorem and the differences between elastic and inelastic collisions. So it's momentum and not kinetic energy that is the important measurement in the collision.
Hi Brian,

Great idea and you should be applauded for doing this, and I think it will set the standards for years to come, worldwide.

Just a thought but rather than involving momentum in calibrating, would simple pressure calcs not work ie P = Force over area? Would that not equate to a known Ft/lb energy or metric equivalent in KPa? You might be able to capture a max pressure reading on a gauge that way using some kind of small pneumatic linear actuator (sealed ram) for calibrating.

This would take frontal area and mass x gravity into account or is there more to it? Maybe its my simplistic engineers head that might have missed something out, but well done anyway and I'll be interested in the results.


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