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She'll be turning 8 soon so will really need a junior sized rifle. She'll be benched to start with which I think my local club would insist given her age. Then later if she's still keen we can get her standing. So far I've been removing the plate of my FWB 700 to make it a bit smaller but this is not ideal.

I've set up a six yard range in my studio for use with the NSRA air 6 cards. Charlotte can hit the 9s & 10s rarely dropping an 8. Even though that's rested it's still very impressive given her age and short time that she's been shooting. I think she would benefit more in the long run with a rifle she can call her own and stay familiar with.

I really would like her to have something from the top end brands. I know that sounds a bit snobby but bearing in mind the thousands I've spent on my own in the last couple of years I feel that my own daughter should have something in the same league. She could loose interest a year down the line and I fully accept that and everything that goes with it. But for now she's very keen and already making suggestions on how she prefers the blinders, element size and so on. Its a big shame theres nothing within a reasonable distance that we could try to be sure.
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