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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Let's face it, if you own one you're a bit of a tit to start with and you're probably more worried about which camo matches your eyes!
Thanks. In addition to my "normal" air guns I currently own several Umarex CO2 powered replicas: CP88, Beretta 92, Smith & Wesson 586, and Colt SAA, plus a Walther Winchester CO2 rifle and a handful of airsofts. In the past I've owned the Umarex CX4 carbine (a 30 shot true semi auto .177 pellet firing replica of the Beretta CX4) and half a dozen other CO2 .177 and BB pistols.

And if I had the money, and the time to shoot it, yes I'd probably get one of those Sigs, they look great "fun"*. If that makes me a tit, so be it; there are quite a few of us tits on here actually.

Plinking, shooting purely for "fun"... you should try it some time.

* Fun
1. something that provides mirth or amusement:
2. enjoyment or playfulness.
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