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I have to agree with you, some of those Feinwerkbau's are gun porn! I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of them coming over here! As for maintenance, they are no harder to work on than any other rifle, they certainly don't need skills that are not available here in the UK. The fact they are not manufactured on our shores would not trouble me at all. I know someone who recently bought a British made rifle which was quite low on power, it took 2 months for him to get it back after returning it for adjustment, I would have removed the AT and done it myself as I am sure most would with that kind of service! It makes buying from Europe and not worrying about a warrantee unless there is a major problem when it arrives no different from buying from the UK.

I have just bought an Anschutz, admittedly doing the conversion from 6ft/lb up to 12ft/lb was something I could do myself so I didn't incur any additional costs but even if you have to pay for this to be done, they can be bought new from Europe and converted and still cost less than an FTP. The exchange rate at the minute makes buying from across the channel a no brainer!
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