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Originally Posted by tillygti6 View Post
The trigger reach is fairly long yes on the sporter. It's not perfectly comfortable as I have relatively small hands but with the hft trigger I should sort it. Personally i jist built a new stock wit a smaller grip .... Mines in need of a polish and fettle as it's worn in from new it's feeling a bit pants.
Also the power is pretty low so I need to get the drill out to remove the at.
The cylinder is standard carbine length but the 500 cylinder is by all accounts the fac version .
Interesting that you've made a new stock, surely that's defeated the whole point of the Ultimate Sporter?!

Interesting that you want to give it a fettle already, although saying that mine will probably be taken apart fairly quickly if I do get one

Obviously once it's in bits you can do a few little tweaks to improve it - Refinish Hammer Spring Ends, Polish Hammer Rail and Hammer, Adjust Firing Pot, Polish Sears, etc so that should all help
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