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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I have had a fascination with long range shooting but not done it competitively, here is a pic of a target I shot many years ago with a .22 BSA Ultra fitted with an Hawke 3-12x44 SR6, I was sat on a chair resting on the back of another chair. I couldn't shoot prone due to crops in the field. After a few sighting shots I did this 6 shot group. You can see some of the pellets have started to tumble.
So is that the secret revealed? BSA's barels use gymnastics to beat the wind?

Do you think they would hold accurracy if tumbling?

Bearing in mind at 100yds the pellet must be coming down on quite a steep trajectory curve perhaps they twisted on impact?

A 1000yd 7.62mm shooter once explained to me the bullets eye view of the target, it not seeing a perfect circle but due to its angle of approach/desent an elliptical one, where the top of the target is missing. Bit like a 45yd tin chicken where the paddle has strikes on it lower than the actual faceplate hole due to the few millimetres it is set back from it and the pellets rapidly descending flight path.

What material is the target board if you can remember?

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Because it is not about how, but how many.

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