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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
who would police the sling rule anyway?
Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
The Marshals and Chief Marshal and the ever watchful eyes of our fellow competitors.

What's the problem with that?
They will be too busy smoking and sliding their fingers under shooter's buttocks checking if they are sitting on the bag whilst taking a kneeler.

Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Imagine a child on a standing lane ...

He is tethered to the rifle on a short leash.
I feel like I should be on a list for just reading that!

Seriously fella, the OCD meds need upping. You have to find a way to let this go.

People who have been doing this for a long time ... and there are World Champions posting ... are telling you that you need to have another look at this and just enjoy your shooting.

Due to the angles of the upper and lower arm when using the typical FT/HFT fore arm along thigh kneeling stance, you are not going to get any real advantage from a sling. If you have your elbow closer to your knee, or by your knee, then a sling will give you some added stability. Simon A has his elbow closer to his knee and he uses a sling. He does it with no problem within the boundaries of the rules as they stand. He hasn't shot anyone. If you need to use one then use it as he does.

You keep banging the safety drum and you've now included a child to add dramatic effect.

" Oh my God ... children may die ... we must change the rule ".

It really isn't the safety issue that you preach.

You can describe certain situations and say that they represent a safety issue to emphasise a point. You could just as well say ...

We are in a wood with guns. There are stones and tree roots at the firing line. We must JCB the woods and lay concrete so there's no chance of anyone tripping on a stone or tree root, falling over and shooting their partner. Some of the gates are where the ground is on a slope. Someone may load the gun, get on aim, then roll backwards on their beanbag, bang their elbow on the ground, and shoot the marshall having a f a g standing just behind them in the b0ll0x. That's going to ruin his day and probably put the poor lad off smoking for life. " One minute I was just standing in the wood, having a f a g, imagining a child on a standing lane, and next minute I'm waking up in hospital and me b0ll0x are gone ". So get the JCB in again ... level everywhere.

Please just enjoy your shooting within the present rules and if you still need to propose a change then do it in time for the next appropriate meeting ... via your regional rep.
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