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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Write to your area rep ... propose that the BFTA ban B0ll0x.

I'd actually like to address this ... ( sorry )

I've shot airguns for the best part of half a century. Always loved them. I first went to a FT club in the 90's when a local club had advertised for airguners to come and join them in the local paper ( they needed extra cash from more shooters to pay the rent ). I went along ... all enthusiastic that I would have somewhere to shoot my rifle apart from the back garden.

My honest opinion after my first visit ... a closed door old boy's club of pompous old bu55ers who were mainly of the ilk " All the gear but no idea ". All the latest rifles, scopes, custom stocks and gadgets ... but when they came across a 40mm kill on a 35 yard kneeler they had a coronary. I tried another local FT club ... same. I was told " ... with your kit you are best staying off the course and just paying your money and sitting on the plinking range ". Nice. Were all the shooters like that? No ... but it only takes a few to give a bad impression.

Not very welcoming. I hasten to add that I went to others that were much better.

I lurked around FT clubs for a few years and then when HFT came along I shot that as the folk seemed more welcoming and kit lepers didn't exist in that at that time. I shot that for @ 13 years until my eyes went and I needed to be able to shoot something where I could focus the scope.

So it's important to keep an open door and try and be welcoming to newcomers. Everyone is a newcomer at some point. I've played other sports, at decent levels, and I know it's frustrating when newbies start talking b0ll0x when they are still sh1tting yellow. I think you have to try and spot the difference between someone who is being enthusiastic and a tw@t.

Someone who just appears and straight away is saying that they want this changed and that changed, to suit themselves, needs to be promptly told that they need to start off by showing some respect for the people who have given up time in endless meetings sorting out rules, and spent hours in poor weather putting courses out, over the last 30 years.

A decent newbie though will be all keen and enthusiastic. They go shooting on a Sunday, they get a big buzz out of it and they want more, in whatever form they can get. They are desperate to be involved. In this day and age that means going on the internet sites on the subject and talking b0ll0x.

So I don't think seasoned shooters should close the door in their face by giving the impression that only folk who are BFTA members, or go to most of the BFTA shoots should comment. Everyone else should shut the f**k up. If that's what you want then have a BFTA members only area where you need a password to log in.

There's also a case of the " The King's new clothes " syndrome. I've been involved in sports, clubs and committees for most of my life. I've seen it so many times where it's easy to get stuck in the same way of thinking because that's the way it's always been done. You get so matey with the other folk that no one will ever challenge anyone or just plainly say ... " Er ... I don't think that's right ". Sometimes a new set of 'outside' eyes may see something that isn't so obvious to those that can't see the woods for the trees.

The topic of smoking isn't a shooting related issue. Every one has their opinion on smoking. You don't have to have been shooting BFTA comps for 10 years to have an opinion on smoking or know if you want someone else's 2nd hand f a g smoke in your face for 3 hours.

Slings ... I personally think the guy is so blinded by his mission that he isn't listening to anyone else's opinion. However, slings are not a FT or BFTA only item. In fact they are more commonly used in other target sports. So someone may have been shooting 25m or 50m and using slings for 30 years and have only just started shooting FT, but have a perfectly decent input to make to a slings in FT discussion.

It's tough being the new boys on the block. It's not nice standing on the edge of the playground with no mates watching all the local lads having a a great time. You want to get involved. So if a newbie, or someone you don't recognise from the comp scene, gets involved in the threads, then please don't be too quick to give him the " Who the f**k are you " attitude. They may end up being a good servant to the sport and a good mate.

Sorry ... needed to spew that up as I've seen a few threads where people make a comment that suggests that you shouldn't post unless you have a BFTA number and a long list of comps behind you.

As soon as I possibly can I'll get a number and some more FT comps behind me.

Carry on with the p155 take poll.
a point well made and well put
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