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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
I don't know this for myself but I'm told that the current world champion uses a SP sling.
If true this is probably what the fuss is all about.

The funny thing is that certainly in my region quite a few FT shooters have expressed a wish to try a SP sling but feel intimidated out of doing so like it's some sort of cheating advantage?
Very strange, it's a sling folks, helps to steady your aim in exactly the same way as say your hamster or your butt-hook, the only difference being that the rules on it's use are worded in such a way to make it's use virtually impossible to use properly and more importantly safely.

It's as absurd as a new ruling dictating that you by all means have an all-singing, all-dancing Rowan lifter on your rifle but you can't actually extend it for high shots as that is an advantage that people who don't have an extendable lifter don't have.

Now do you see why this has to change, for the better?
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