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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
No, I'm thinking there was less bollox talked in the "how do you miss with an ev2 thread" than there is on this forum lately...slings,vaping,smoking,farting,breathing.. ..and most of it from people who have shot hardily any meaning full comps...ever.....and a big yawn.
Well I'm not sure whom your referring to but one thing I know for sure in the few shoots I've been to recently is the banter and fun is as much of a part as the shooting itself. I do see that not everybody wants to take part and they have a choice, they simply just don't take part. They don't stand there saying shush.

As for my shooting cv or meaningful chomps does

2 x world championships including Florida
3 x internationals including California
30 + GP
3 x showdowns

How about you?
When I was 5 I wanted to be like George Best
At 10 I wanted to be Nigel Mansell
At 40 I wanted to be like Tiger Woods
At 50 I want to be like Gilly
Just shows how life can kick you in the nads
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