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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
I'm not trying to shut down any debate, All I've done is try to give fact to comments like the rules are "silly" or "stupid" or "daft" just because they don't fit with what people consider to be 'right'. None of the comments are my opinion, they are the facts of the situation.

The rules are not perfect, far from it, but they have evolved from much discussion and debate over a number of years between very experienced shooters. Sometimes, the reason for what seems like a stupid rule is not immediately obvious.

It's frustrating to hear lots of opinion, much of it valid, on here, the vast majority of which never makes it to the AGM in the form of a solid proposal. The BFTA cannot change things without the shooters, you and I, making proposals to the regional reps for change when we see something that we believe is wrong.

By all means discuss things on here, I like to chat **** as much as the next man, but if you feel passionate about it, tell your rep.
It seems archaic and old fashioned, but the way to change things is to tell your rep who will get it on the agenda and hopefully some of these 'stupid' rules will become more sensible

Phil Gee - BFTA Chairman
Thank you Phil, that's a response more fitting to your position.

I'm glad that you also agree that some rules need to be tidied up and I do feel passionately about the issue of sling usage as I'm sure you'll also agree that is doesn't make sense to allow the use of a SP sling, but then effectively make it unusable for practical purposes.
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